Predicting the genetic risk of glaucoma

Predicting the genetic risk of glaucoma Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally and is one of the most heritable human diseases. Treatment is highly effective in preventing glaucoma vision loss; however, as it is asymptomatic in its early stages, many individuals with glaucoma are diagnosed only after a considerable amount of vision has already been […]

Glaucoma test ‘best yet’

Early diagnosis of open-angle glaucoma can lead to vision-saving treatment, and genetic variation is an increasingly powerful indicator in disease risk stratification. Professor of Ophthalmology Jamie Craig, who leads a major international glaucoma research program. The latest investigation into a promising new genetic test for glaucoma – the leading cause of blindness has the ability […]

Scientists develop test that will help prevent glaucoma-related blindness

Researchers from QIMR Berghofer and Flinders University have identified more than 100 genes that increase a person’s risk of developing the eye disease glaucoma, and they have developed a genetic test to detect those at risk of going blind from it. Media Release From: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Australian researchers have identified 107 genes that […]

Gene discovery offers new line of defence against glaucoma

A NEW gene discovery is expected to help save the sight of tens of thousands of Australians with a common type of glaucoma. Flinders University helped guide international research across six continents and 17 countries to find the new gene that can give you glaucoma. The gene makes people more susceptible to exfoliation syndrome, a […]